CSS Grid

Posted 13 Sep 2019

I recently completed Wes Bos’ course on the CSS Grid. This course can be found free here. For those who aren’t aware the CSS Grid is a layout system in CSS. It doesn’t require any frameworks or libraries it’s an addition to the language itself. CSS Grid can be used to place, align, size and build a website layout in CSS.

Golang Gorilla Sessions

Posted 13 May 2018

A session can be defined a a semi-permanent interactive information interchange between two or more communicating devices. A session can be formed between a user and a server when the user logins in, data is then exchanged back and forth, and the session is destroyed when the user logs out. The 3rd party Gorilla Sessions package provides an easy to use implementation of sessions in Go.

Devember 2017!

Posted 25 Dec 2017

Devember is finally upon us and with that it’s time to light up the Github contribution lights and huddle by the warmth of your monitor with a warm cup of java!

Golang Templates Cheatsheet

Posted 14 Sep 2017

The Go standard library provides a set of packages to generate output. The text/template package implements templates for generating text output, while the html/template package implements templates for generating HTML output that is safe against certain attacks. Both packages use the same interface but the following examples of the core features are directed towards HTML applications.

2D Arena Shooter Using Phaser.js

Posted 16 Apr 2017

This is version 1 of a two player arena shooter built with the Phaser.js framework. Players can shoot, dash, shield and aim as they fight to be the last surviving.